Averi The Antagonist

{April 14, 2013}   Hi All!

I know I haven’t posted in a long long long long while, and I probably won’t be posting again for a while. I don’t know why.

But anyhoo, if you’re interested, I vlog regularly on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/JustSayAl0ha  and I’m mentioning this blog there today.

I’m doing this thing called VEDA or vlog everyday in April and my latest vlog should be up in a few hours.

kthnxbai! :D

{October 26, 2012}   Aloha Averi

I posted my latest vlog on youtube today.

I actually managed to get it out on time too. Well, as on time as I always hope for it to be. I still have two hours until Engish starts, which means I can relax now…or do my English homework, of course.

Today is Thursday. It was a fairly busy day, as far as Thursdays go. When I first heard that I had Thursdays practically off, I thought it would be a sleep in day. That would be nice.

And I do sleep in. By about a half hour. Thursdays have turned into my errand and blog days. I like the blogging part, of course. I’m not really very good at it yet, but a lot of people aren’t when they first start out. And what is blogging anyhoo? Just talking about your day and stuff. Or whatever you want.

That’s how I justify it to myself.

I finished my 3D project today. We were supposed to be building sculptures of our heads out of various materials. It could have been as awesome and creative as we wanted. A lot of the others’ were. Mine is not. I feel a little behind right now. My sculpture looks like a conglomerant of wood and plastic sewed together with metal wire. That’s literally what it is. meanwhile my friend Sarah, molded plexi glass around wood and golden painted wires. I didn’t go all out, admittedly. I’m a little disappointed with the result.

I do like the possibilities of the woodshop though. All the power tools make me nervous–they make odd, loud noises and it just feels like everyone is looking at me cuz i’m doing something wrong. but I want to make more things. Sarah’s sculpture looks amazing. I want to work with plexi glass. I’m thinking about going to this store, Plastic land, soon to get some and make something of it. I don’t know what.

Halloween is next week. I was out buying headphones–mine broke–and I found a bunch of cheap accessories that I’ve decided to make into my costume. I can’t tell you what it is though. xD I think it’s very creative.

Don’t judge me.

That’s about it for now. Please go watch my video. I’m going to take a nap before english….. i mean do my homework…..yeah…… ;3

{October 2, 2012}   Happy October 2012

Hey guys,

Happy October. As usual, I haven’t been posting a lot, but I will now to make up for it. I promise I will blog regularly.


Meaning I will regularly come in every month or so and apologize for my lack of regular blogging. Not that you read this anyhoo.

So October. I don’t really know what I’ve got planned. A lot of things I have been doing since moving to art school.

It’s been really great here and I’ve been having a lot of fun. Also, I started vlogging recently on Youtube, so check out my channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/JustSayAl0ha

There’s not a lot up right now, but that’s cool.

Right now I’m watching the vlogbrothers on youtube. recently, they made their 1000th video, and i hadn’t been there the whole time, so I am watching from the beginning. I’m at February now though. I have got a long way to go. And I am going.

I have a lot of youtube ideas and stuff, but I can’t decide on what to do. Unfortunately, I have to decide soon because I need to write the script so I can go over it in my head.

Also, I’ve decided to take Carrie Hope Fletcher’s book challenge and join the October Club. I haven’t chosen my books yet because 1) I’d read the first two books Carrie Hope Fletcher said she was reading, and 2) I didn’t want to read books I had already read, even though i’d never reviewed them publicly, which I actually want to do one day. But for now, I’ll go to the library tomorrow and pick out a book for the week.

Anyhoo, that’s all I really have the energy to say because i am mindlessly watching vlogbrothers. But speaking of vlogbrothers I’m going to answer Hank’s annual survey:

1. Your name:  Averi

2. Your Web page: http://www.youtube.com/user/JustSayAl0ha

3. What have you been up to this past year (please be as detailed as possible, because we actually want to know)? That’s such a deep question. One could go on for paragraphs or ages, but I’ll try not to be that long. I spent most of the beginning of the year watching most of my friendships fall to pieces as I prepared and then graduated from my senior year of high school, had a few great good bye parties, got addicted to Sims3 thanks to my best friend Kristin, then I had more good byes, and got ready for college and had my birthday-which happens to be on raywilliamjohnson’s birthday-and then two days later i took a painful 13 hour flight to new york city and started college. Now I’m about 6 weeks into college, I’ve made some friends, drawn some pictures, procrastinated, discovered netflix instant queue, saw some good movies around Manhattan, bought a BOGUS phone from Simple Mobile(bogus phone company) which was not only over a year out of warranty, but used and already pretty much broken. Also I started vlogging on youtube, and I have 4 videos out so far. I’m trying to decide on my next one, which I already said earlier, so you’re pretty much up to date.

4. How much longer do you think you’ll be doing what you’re doing?

I haev a feeling what are you doing was actually the last question, but that’s not what it said on google, but whatever. Anyhoo, I’m watching vlogbrothers and I will probably continue to watch vlogbrothers for the rest of the night…and maybe into the morning. . . . .

5. Why are you doing it?

because Vlogbrothers. DUH. nuff said.

6. What do you want to be doing?

Pretty much exactly what I am doing. I’m good.

Although, there really is a LOT that I want to do right now. I want to be a famous youtuber and make video collabs with more famous youtubers like the vlogbrothers, and ytf, and ryan higa, and lana mckissack and just about every other youtuber I watch, and plan on mentioning in further videos.

I would like to be an artist, making famous artist things. I want to read all the time, like all the books i want to read, and I want to buy all those books and i want to own a bookshelf room, which is a room full of bookshelves and full of books that are amazing. And I want to make more videos, but I kind of already said that, but i meant in the general sense of making videos, and I want ot draw more and i want to do some more comics and i want to finish my homework, but i dont want to DO my homework, but i do want to go to manhattan, and i want to travel the world, and i want to go to other countries, and i want to learn another language….. and i want to keep going with this list of wants, but i really shouldn’t. ;P

7. What’s next in your life?

heck if i know. Collaborations with epic youtubers, i hope. And… you know… the continuing of living under a roof, with food and money, and maybe school and/or a job. . . :|

8. How You Doin’?

Fairly well. I have more or less finished my homework for tomorrow and i am, as i have said already a bunch of times, watching vlogbrothers, and they are hilarious.

9. What’s the best book you read this year?

Hm, I really don’t know. I would have to say it was most likely a John Green book, because after last year’s 52 book challenge, I more or less took a break from reading. it wasn’t that I really wanted to, it’s just that I had a lot to do. I think this year I have read the least amount of books I have ever read in a while year. :( I’m so disappointed in myself. I’m thinking about doing a 12 book challenge next year. We’ll see.

Oh, but anyhoo, my favorite book is one of the John Green books because he is slowly but surely fighting his way to my favorite author. Only thing is he’s got to beat Tamora Pierce, and I’m sorry John Green but that is just a tall order to fill. Write a few more books, you’re very close behind.

Oh, and i won’t tell you what book.

10. Describe a perfect day? Hanging out with awesome people who don’t suck and dont’ think that I suck, and maybe even think i’m awesome. :)

11. Assuming that all things come to an end…how do you think humans will go extinct? Well, I’ve always been told the whole sun thing. you know, the sun is going to explode in about 50 billion years, and assuming humans are there at that time, I’m betting that’s when it’s gonna happen. And if we’re not going to be around at that time….. I’m betting the end has something to do with money.

12 How are you feeling about kids these days?

I’m 18. I think they’re gross. (ie., they’re only adorable when they’re not yours!)

13 (- In this space, compose your own question, and answer it -)

Who is your favorite youtuber? Ryan Higa, AKA nigahiga. ♥♥♥ :D

14 Ambrozzo tastes better than anything else, what does ambrozzo taste like?

I don’t know. I don’t know what ambrozzo is, and I don’t have the energy to go google it.

15 If you were a cliché, what cliché would you be?

A fool and her money are soon parted.

16 What is your least favorite part of any given day?

waking up. Or using the bathroom.

17 Do you enjoy science fiction?

yes, I do actually. not as much as the typical or stereotypical nerd, but enough. I read the Ender series last year, as part of my 52, and I was very sad to see it end.

18 Cheese or Chocolate?

Chocolate. most def for sure(<- reference. ask to find out what)

19 Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

I would actually rather live everywhere. It is my dream to travel the world and stuff. Go to fun and exotic places.

20 What was your first concert?

I never really count it, but some celebrities put on shows for the military, so I’ve  seen Lt. Dan Band and Seether. But they were not in typical concert settings. Lt. Dan Band was in a small movie theater, and Seether performed at a family festival. :( Not really conert-like, so I usually say I haven’t really been to any concerts.

21 If you could start a business that would be instantly successful, what kind of business would it be?

That is such a tough questions because I feel as though I only have one choice, although that isn’t really the case. But if I had to chose, obviously it’d be something I like, so drawing, or making videos(altho i dont think i’d go very far just yet), or reading. Or internet browsing. If i could have a job jsut playing on the internet, that would be cool.

22 Invisibility or Time Travel?

As the majority of people have seemed to agree on, I’d say time travel. I dont say that because everyone says so, I just like time travel better. There’s just so much more possibilities. :)

23 What’s wrong with the world?

The level of suck is still too high.


That’s it WordPress. Hope to see you soon. :3

{September 15, 2012}   Long time no type

Hey guys,

So I know I haven’t blogged in forever.

Doesn’t that seem to be what everyone says when they haven’t been around in forever? Anyhoo, mostly it’s because I’ve been too lazy. Also, a lot has been going on. Where did I leave off? Oh yeah, August.

August was a fun month, but also a stressful one. I got the last of my things together to go to school, I had my 18th birthday, and I moved to New York City.

It’s september now. I’ve been going to school for about three weeks now, and it already feels like I’ve been here awhile. You know how school gets. Unless you don’t.

I’ve got some great classes, but you’ll find out about those later, because I have even bigger news:

I finally started vlogging on Youtube!

Do you remember, if you read it at all, at the beginning of this, I said I wanted to be a vlogger on youtube? And so, yesterday, I did. I am officially a vlogger. I plan to do a lot more things.

There are downfalls though. Not really, but where there’s good news, there’s always bad news.

My videos are completely unedited because my Windows Movie Maker is broken and I’m too cheap to get something else. The IT guys say they can look at it, but it’ll take a day or so, and I don’t know if I want to go a day or so without my laptop. That means i have to get up off my butt and go to the library. Which…I love the library, but I just don’t want to get up and go there over the weekend. I don’t know what to do.

Overall, I think it looks okay, I’m a little rough around the edges, but I’ll get used to it.

I have this urge now though, as when starting a lot of things, to just keep doing it. I feel like I want to hurry up and put out video after video. A video apologizing for the crappiness of the last video, or adding more onto what I’d said because I can’t edit it, or just ranting on about more stuff so that I get myself out there faster, but all good things must be done in moderation. I can see myself now, throwing a bunch of uncut rants onto youtube, and after maybe a week or so, I’ll run out of ideas, and then…. well, then I’m lost. :(

So, I’ve decided to make Thursdays my video days because I have those days off. I guess I’ll keep blogging though, if only just to apologize about whatever video I’d just made and make fun of it so that you don’t have to. xD

So, without further adeu, here is my video on my new youtube channel, JustSayAl0ha. (that’s a #0, not a letter o)

Don’t mind the fact that I start out too close to the camera, or that I say Aloha weird, or that I say stuff a lot, or the quality kind of goes weird, or that I just talk about myeslf… and …. oh, the insecurities I will have. ^____^’

The first John Green book that I read was not The Fault in Our Stars that I’d wanted to read. I couldn’t find it the first day. He mentioned it most when I was watching his videos, so I really wanted to get to that one. But An Abundance of Katherines was first.

It’s about a boy named Colin who’s a child prodigy, but not a genius, who loves to anagram and he’s in love with a girl named Katherine. And he’s always in love with a girl named Katherine. He has recently just been dumped by Katherine 19, and his friend decides they need a road trip, so the drive away for the summer, and end up in the middle of no where, where they think the Archduke Francin Fernandad is burried, and they meet a girl named Lindsey, who is dating a boy also named Colin–they call him TOC.

Colin tries to get over his heartbreak, but at the same time decided to make an equation that can predict the dumper, dumpee, and duration of a relationship using his past Katherine relationships. When he lists them all to Lindsey at the end, I wondered if there was a significance in using roman numerals for some of them verses numbers, or written out in letters numbers, or titles. Maybe it was just so he didn’t seem like he was repeating himself.

Colin is a really smart person, but he’s apparently not a genius. He explains the difference and all, saying that he just learns quickly and doesn’t have original thoughts and stuff. His equations for relationships include a lot of numbers and letters and symbols, and it was interesting to see beucase I’d taken a statistics class this year, so I could actually understand the structure of some of the graphs and mathmatical things, but I couldn’t really understand it all that very well. But I understood partially. And that was pretty cool. There was quite a bit of math though, and I would like to point out that on pg 61, footnote 31, John Green promises no more math, but there is math on pg 123, footnotes 61-67. And Footnote 68 says that huge equation doesn’t count,  but yes it does John Green. Yes it does.

He even came up with a sentence to remember the first 99 numbers of Pi, which I actually think would be difficult for even him, because I imagine someone like Colin would prefer to be grammatically correct. I would also like a friend like Colin because he knows a lot of facts, and random useless facts are always interesting, at least to me. Someone like Colin would intrigue me. I also wondered what words he had on his list of unanagramable words. He said he tried to be ambidextrious too like President Garfield. I’ve tried to be ambidextrious. Not writing at the same time, but with either or…I just don’t have the patience.

I have two favorite lines in the book. Lindsey tells Colin to let it out because he has to cry, but he says, “But I can’t, because if I let it out it’ll sound like a bullfrog’s mating call” (I forgot what page it was on). And that was just hilarious, because that’s the kind of thing smart people think about. My second favorite line is also a line by Colin: ” “I figured something out,” he said aloud, “The future is unpredictable.” “(pg 213) That was a good line.

The book ended well enough. The moment I read about Lindsey, I was afraid of her becoming a love interest, and as the book progressed, I still didn’t want her for him. It’s not that I had anything against Lindsey, I just wanted Colin to get the Katherine thing right. Then TOC ended up being a jerk, and I knew it was over. Colin kind of ended up exactly where he started, but he was over Katherine a bit. Good enough book. I give it a 4 out of 5.


Also, I decided to do one book a blog, because I’m tired of writing for now. Ok then. See ya. :D

{July 3, 2012}   John Green

Have you ever found an artist of some sort that you liked so much, you went back through their career and looked for every movie they’d been in, ever book they’d written, every thing they’d made, just to see if they’ve always been so great? I do that often. Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, various Youtubers, Tamora Pierce, Caroline B. Cooney, among others, and now John Green.

I’d heard John Green’s name before because some Youtubers I watch–specifically Alex Day AKA nerimon– mention him sometimes. Then Charlie McDonnell AKA Charlieissocoollike went and stayed over Hank Green’s place, John Green’s brother. So I wanted to see Hank Green’s video with Charlie in it, and then I started watching the vlog brothers. I’d heard about the vlog brothers, but I’d never actually watched them. They’re actually pretty good.

I’d heard they were good, but part of the reason I never really branch out on what I watch on youtube is because it’s a lot to follow. I definitely watch more people than I did when I started watching in like, 2007. For a good three years the only youtuber I ever watched was Ryan Higa, AKA nigahiga. Then there was kevjumba, happyslip, wongfuproductions, davedays, mysteryguitarman, nerimon, charlieissocoollike, raywilliamjohnson, and meekakitty, and then everyone started making second channels, so I had to watch them too, plus YOMYOMF or YTF, which gave me another several youtubers to watch. That’s a lot of people to watch. So yeah, it’s obvious that I’m not against watching more youtubers…it’s just that I spend a whole lot of time on the internet to begin with.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so John Green. I’d watched some of his videos and remembered–also he might have mentioned it in one or two or several videos– that he was an author. So the next day, I went to the school library and borrowed all of his books. It took me a week, but I finished them all. And had thoughts about them. I thought I’d share my thoughts, if you don’t mind, but not on this blog, because that would be too long. I’ll do two books each. So yes, let us get started.

{July 2, 2012}   Happy July

So, I realize I haven’t written anything in a while. But I didn’t know I hadn’t written anything for all of June. woops. I know it’s not a total big deal(Also, I Lost the Game, thank you Zoey) to everyone, considering I don’t have a lot of people following me or reading or whatever. At least, as far as I can tell. I don’t get any comments, so either no one’s reading, or I’m jsut not interesting enough.

June went by fairly well, thanks for asking. I graduated. That was pretty cool. I’m officially done with high school. No more high school stress……now I’ve got college stress, yay! Not. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing, and I feel like an idiot when I try to ask. My ‘rents seem to expect me to know what to do already, which is so far from the truth it isn’t funny. I got a little flustered yesterday when my mom yelled at me for not knowing what I’m supposed to bring. It’s really not my fault. I’ve been researching, and I see the lists and I think I know what I’m supposed to do. All I’m missing is that confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. The person that tells me I’m headed in the right direction. And, no, it can’t be any of my friends because like hell I trust them–no offence, you guys– and it can’t be Zoey because she’s younger than me, and there’s something about being reassured by someone younger than you with less experience that just makes me feel more worried. I really really reaalllyyy have no idea what I’m doing. Not that anyone really cares. Yes, yes, I hate to be melodramatic, but that’s how I’m feeling just about now. I’ve never had to take care of myself before, so I have no idea how anyone could expect me to just up and know what to do!

Anyhoo, after my landry finishes drying, I plan on putting it away, doing the dishes, organizing my closet, and getting stuff ready to get rid of. That’s about as far as my personal capabilities go, and I’m even lacking on those as far as I’ve been told. I’m trying to get rid of a lot of shirts. I think I mentioned once before that i have a lot of clothes. My pants aren’t that much of a concern…if anything, I’d like more. I never seem to have the right one. It’s my shirts that concern me. I’m not sure how many I have right now, but probably around close to 200. My goal would be around 20, actually. Even 50. Even 70.

Then toys. I have a lot of toys and trinkets and such. I like them, and it took years to collect them all…and a lot of money. I want to keep them. But I have to get rid of them. I’m kind of a pack rat, so if you are too you know exactly how much it kills me to get rid of anything. If you aren’t, well, I wish I was more like you. Yes, yes, 17 and I still have toys. Stuffed animals, key chains, Bratz dolls, beanie babies, even a barbie.

For now, though, I’m procrastinating. I went on a run this morning. I go running every other day during the week. Usually with my friend, Lisa. I run all the way down to her house, which takes me about 30 minutes at a slightly-faster-than-jogging pace, and she joins me and we run back to my house. Then we chill for about a half hour and she runs back home. It’s a fairly nice system. And the running is not even as hard as it was when I started this last year. I guess I have cross country to thank for that. Last year when I started this running thing with Lisa, I would call a walking break every 5 minutes. Running seemed to take forever. This year the only hard part about excersizing is waking up. It’s the only thing that keeps Lisa from running for this past week. And without someone to run with, it’s just not as worth it. I only started this so that I could hang out with Lisa. Running was an idea, but I needed a friend.

I just finished eating lunch. Isn’t that interesting? Mac’n Cheese with tuna…and something about that combination makes me want juice, so I also drank some Orange banana strawberry juice, otherwise known as Onanaberry juice in my house. Zoey comes in occasionally to show me her new song she’s working on. My name’s in it, as well as our friend Sky’s. Zoey’s going to be one of those Youtube musicians and stuff, with albums out. I’m wedging myself in there by declaring myself her album artist. Haha. How to Ride on the Coattails of Someone Who Isn’t Famous Yet. I should write a book.

Anyhoo, June, yes. It’s been well. Just boredom, and stress, and art. I still have that art shop on gaiaonline, and I’ve been doing a lot more digital stuff. I’ve been gettin better, which is encouraging, but I’ve still got so far to go. Also, I got paid yesterday, and I’m trying to decide between a tablet and a set of these really cool art markers. I know, big difference. but they’re REALLY good markers. Apparently. I don’t know…I only have, like, two. But all my anime freak friends nerd out over them, so I’m assuming they’re pretty bad ass.

Oh yeah, also, it’s July now. I don’t have much plans. Have to hang out with friends who are leaving this month, running, art, cleaning,  etc., etc., etc. kthxbai

{June 2, 2012}   Tokyo Disneyland

On the third day of my senior trip, technically the last day, we finally went to Tokyo Disneyland. I still find the concept of going somewhere off island for the weekend pretty amazing. Like I can afford to just go somewhere over the weekend, like Disneyland.

We woke up around 7:30 this day, because we didn’t even fall asleep until around 2 in the morning. We were down and eating by 7:45, but I had to go back up because in my exhaustion, I had forgotten to upload my pictures and videos from the day before onto my laptop, so it was taking up 80% of my memory, because I like taking photos and videos. But the camera cord was being weird and losing connection, so I ended up keeping them all and having to use my memory sparingly. I mean, I had thousands of pictures left, but only about 5 minutes of video left, and I like taking videos. Guess I didn’t really need to worry because this day would prove to be a day I would have just liked to have in my memory and slowly fade away until I only remember the good parts because the bad parts supposedly go away with time.

We can hope.

The day started out well. We rode the subways to Disney, and then to Disneyland, and after a group picture we were let on our own. John’s mom and Misty Anne ended up not really knowing how to lead us anywhere, so Princess and John just led the way on all the trains–which later proved to be not a good idea, because Erika and I almost got left on a train to somewhere else twice. But we made it to Disneyland finally. Disney was still in Easter mode in the end of May, so there were eggs and stuff hidden all over Disney–well, more or less hidden–. Of course, my group of four stayed together despite my hints that maybe today would have been best split in twos. We didn’t really have much of a plan. We wanted to ride space mountain. And we did. After that we just winged it(wung it?). Another ride that was an absolute must, though, was It’s a Small World. It is a Disneyland tradition to ride that ride, no matter how annoying it is. Which, I actually don’t find it very annoying. I wonder what that says about me.

We went for all the big rides mostly, while shopping around. At Tokyo Sea, I got Zoey her Nom Hat but I had yet to find anything for my other three family members. Whenever I go on a trip, like LinguaFest or this, where I have to get something for someone, or a bunch of people, there is always one person I can just keep buying for. In Korea, it was Lisa because everything was cute and purple, but everything there was cheaper and everything in Disney was expensive, so I had to refrain myself.

The rides in Tokyo are funny because they’re all in Japanese. We can’t understand a word of it. I don’t know if that adds to the effect, or takes away from it.

The first thing we did was get fastpasses for space mountain because that is the ultimate necessary ride to ride in Disneyland. While we waited for that ride, we wandered around Tomorrowland and happened upon a Michael Jackson movie. I don’t really know what the movie was called, but we decided to go in. It wasn’t until we were in the waiting room for a few minutes that it occured to us that this entire 35 minute film could be entirely in Japanese, but we decided to chance it anyhoo. It was, luckily, spoken in English with Japanese subtitles on the side. It was a film about a younger Michael Jackson (I think his name was EO)–I’d say late teens to early 20s– on a mission in space to save some planet with the power of song. And he did. And it was a good song.

After that, we looked around a shop or two, and then rode space mountain. I’d never ridden space mountain before, so it was very interesting. It was great. The only thing I found was that I had no need to scream. Or yell. Or shout. Usually on such rides as rollercoasters, people scream and yell and shout, but I found all day that the rides weren’t that fast or scary. So maybe it was just Disney. Or maybe I was already in a bad mood from the start.

We found Toontown after the ride, and rode a Rodger Rabbit ride, while looking around and stuff. I found my mom a gift; a chip and dale pillow. My logic was that my mom likes chip and dale, and she likes pillows, and I needed something to lean on while I was waiting in line all day, so it al worked out for the best. We didn’t get to go to Mickey and Minnie’s house because there was a wait. :( But a wait did not keep us from “It’s a Small World”. Actually, a parade did, but only for a few minutes. The others were getting annoyed at the parades, but I liked them. Who doesn’t love a Disney parade? Anyhoo, IASW. I refrained myself from taking videos with the idea that there’s probably no ride ever that hasn’t been somehow recorded and put on youtube, even if cameras aren’t allowed. I believe that people would have brought a camera in there and not got caught somehow. I really do. People are like that.

After IASW we rode the spinning Tea Cups –did I mention we were in Fantasyland now?– which were a lot faster than I had anticipated, and then we ate lunch at the Queen’s Banquet place, or something. I had a salas, which I thought would elicit some teasong from my friends, because they seemed to comment whenever I try to watch my wallet, but they didn’t say anything. We also got a cake…an Unbirthday Cake, to be exact. The name of it made it necessary to have, and we split it into four. We didn’t sing or anything, which I just now thought would have been fun. I don’t really think I know all the words, but  I have no doubt one of them did.

We were stopped by another parade on the way to the Haunted Mansion, which was like IASW to John(which is lame because it’s so not a tradition). I took pictures while the others complained, and when it cleared up ten minutes later, we waited in line for probably almost an hour and went on that ride, which turned out to be really cool because they had amazing holographics or something. The guys had notices at one point that while Disneysea seemed to overestimate waiting time, Disneyland underestimated it. We went to Westernland, or whatever that land is called, and rode the Thunder Mountain. That line to for-freaking-EV-ER. While we waited, the others took out their iphones and listened to music and played games. Eventually Erika listened to Princess’ with him, and gave me hers to play stick wars. I gave it back after about an hour and Princess gave me his, although he could still listen to music while they did that.

Finally we were headed towards the castle. I wanted to look through the castle, so we went that way, although we almost got caught in another parade–Easter themed this time–. Unfortunately the line was to long and the others didn’t actually wante to wait to go to the castle–they didn’t even want to go in. So I said I didn’t want to go either, and we made our way to other rides. I won’t pretend I wasn’t disappointed anymore. I really did want to go into the castle. But I had to settle for the Pirates of the Carribean ride, which was okay, but Princess and John made fun of me for something in the line and made me mad, so I pretty much just spent the ride trying not to cry. I know, sounds pathetic. Role your eyes if you must I was not happy on that ride, and I had had enough of those guys teasing me. But I’m a weak person, so I just let them do what they want.

Things took a turn for the sour around evening.

We went shopping and I found a gift for my brother–a towel hood thing– and my father– a donald duck baseball cap. We tried to go to dinner at this fancy cafe that we’d passed int the PoC ride, but it turned out to be too gormet for our taste, and we ate at a pizza place instead.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Princess. Pissing people off all the time has got to be a little sad. I can’t think of how I’d feel if I at least managed to piss one person off a day, or a week. How would it feel if pissing off two people in one hour wasn’t even a record? But then I remember that he’s kind of just an a**hole and doesn’t really care. I still feel sorry for him. That’s the thing about him. I hate him all the time, but he’s my best friend so I can’t stay mad at him. It’s so contradictory.

Anyhoo, that’s exactly what happened. He and John pissed me off and I kind of cried because despite their beliefs I’m just a girl and I get really hurt when they insult me all the time. Then Princess pissed Erika off because he was still mad about me being pissed off, so he stormed off and left Erika alone, and then she got mad and took it out on John–which inevitably happens to anyone on Princess’ side at the moment of not happy–. She felt bad and John felt mad and we all apologized and met again so we could watch fireworks and finish the rest of the weekend.

And then the fireworks show was cancelled because of bad weather.

Hm. This ended up a sad blog, but the night didn’t end that badly. It’s just that I’m writing this a week later, and I’m watching Skyrim, so I’m not interested in finishing as much. Good weekend overall, and then we went home the next day. Yay. The end.

see you later.

{May 30, 2012}   “Senior Trip” part dos

We woke up around 6:30 on Saturday because continental breakfast was at 7 and we had to leave at 8. We got down to a small room, where check-ins and outs and other customer services are held, with one tv, two small couches and coffee tables. On the counter, there were baskets of granola bars, small bluberry muffins, oranges, and bagels. I had a bagel with cream cheese and a chocolate chip granola bar, and sat on the floor because the couches were taken by John’s mom and Misty Anne, as well as some other guests I didn’t know.

Misty Anne’s name is actually Miss Deanne, which is what John’s mom called her. Everyone else just called her Deanne. Personally, I thought when “miss” was put in front of her name, it sounded like “Misty Anne” so while I never had a reason to call to her, I silently refered to her as such. It wouldn’t have caused much controvery had I gone through with it anyhoo, because it sounds just like her name, just with what could be a hard “D.”

Anyhoo, I finised my small breakfast and returned to my room to get ready for today. Now, I’m not like everyone else who wears Disney themed clothes to Disneyland. I had brought a Mickey Mouse shirt with me that I did get at Tokyo Disney last year, but I wore it the day before I went to Disney. Friday. On Saturday, I wore my Raywilliamjohnson “What’s up forum?” shirt. I know. I’m sooo cool. Anyhoo, we weren’t going to Disneyland today. We were going to Disney Sea, which you would think would just be full of water rides, but actually it’s just like Disneyland, except it has more water themed sections like the little mermaid and atlantis, and there’s a big ship.

We were fairly agreeable when it came to planning and going on rides and things. We all pretty much wanted the same things, so we just planned one step at a time and we all had fairly equal input–at least, those of us who cared where we went–. One of the first rides we tried to go on was Jouney to the Center of the Earth, a roller coaster that went around a man-made fire-spitting volcano. we waited in lone for about an hour before there was an announcement on the PA that announced something in Japanese and a lot of people started to leave. It took a minute to find someone among the many Japanese who could speak english enough to translate for us, but even then it was a very confusing translation. We decided to stick around to see what happened, since there were still people staying in line. Then the line moved again, but it wasn’t because the ride was fixed, but that they were giving us priority passes, which is basically like a fastpass but with no time limit, as a sorry gift.

We decided it was best to assume the ride would not be fixed, so we were going to use our tickets on the Tower of Terror. That was on the other side of the park though, so we slowly made our way over there, while going on other rides and doing other things. In every section, we always found a bathroom, just as a general rule implanted in all of our heads as children to at least try to go to the bathroom before you go to stand in a line for hours, so you don’t have to go once you get there. We rode the Indiana Jones ride. Twice, actually because the first time we went on, we sat in the back and in our picture, John’s face was hilariously covered by a sun hat held in the extended arm of a woman two rows in front of us. Our second time around, we were able to sit in the very first row, and we held up a Y M C A. I was the “A”.

Apparently, John refuses to ride the ToT. His mother always wants to take him on it, and that day he decided we would ride it with us to spite her. Well, not spite. Just to ride it without her. I supposed it’s one of those teenage rebellion things I was never able to grasp in my adolence. Whenever people go on a scary ride with pictures, there’s always someone who tries to play it off. We were those someones. Erika had a deck of cards, so we each grabbed five and the plan was to look at them intently, so we seemed like we were playing cards and the ride didn’t affect us.

Only John pulled this off.

I didn’t know when the camera was going to go, so when we got to the top, I had looked out the window right before we fell. I managed to pull off this “man, this deck sucks” face. It was Erika’s first time on the ToT, so she hadn’t braced herself for the freefalls. Her face manages to look like “man, I’m screwed with this deck” face, though we all know really she has a terrified look of iamsonotreadyforthisohmygoshthiswasabadide-AAAAAAAAAA. Yeah. And Princess didn’t really bother to go with it. He was just smiling because he was laughing at Erika’s screaming at the top of her lungs. Which was kind of funny. She didn’t expect the ride to continue, so after the first fall was over she was like “oh thank goodness” and then it started again and then she started screaming again.

When we finished the ToT, we ran into John’s mom and Misty Anne, who told us the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride was working again and completely worth the TWO HOUR WAIT. When in Disneyland–or sea–get used to long lines. Because they are everywhere. We went to lunch in the Lost River Delta part, at a place called Yucatan Base Camp Grill. The others wanted curry, but I don’t like curry and my friends aren’t THAT mean that they’d make me sit through that smell that they think it great knowing full well I would refuse to eat. The grill place was good. I had chicken, which didn’t come out as I’d expected. I think I was craving turkey legs.

We explored more after that. I was actually on a mission on this trip, and that was to find Zoey a nom hat. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Disney, but if you have, have you ever seen those hats with the character’s head as the hat part, and a small body hanging off of it, so it looks like the character is eating your head? Last year, Zoey and I saw it and promptly named it a Nom Hat. I told the others, and the name stuck. Feel free to use it. Zoey and I will feel immensly happy even if you try to deny we made it up. 

We stood in the huge line for Journey, where the fast pass line was longer than the actual line, which meant the actual line took a helluva lot longer than ever because FP people got priority, so out of the 4 lines there were for the ride, three of them were for FP and 1 was for regular line people. It ended up being okay. I don’t think it was really worth it. There was one part we were really looking foward to, and that was the drop. Erika and I agreed that it was a disappointment. It didn’t even go that fast, and the drop was so short. The Indiana Jones ride was faster.

We saw mermaid lagoon, which we all had agreed was some kid’s land, but turned out to be way cooler than we thought because it was actually some underground layer of awesome.

We didn’t really eat dinner, but we grabbed some manapua from a snack shack and went shopping more. Then it was ten o’clock and our feet were exhausted and the park was closing, so we all met and rode the subways back home and died on the beds.

And that was the second day of the so-called senior trip.

Last weekend was my senior class trip.

It was pretty sad.

I mean, yeah, we went to Tokyo Disneyland, which is always fun and I’ll get to it in a second, but first 1) my class has 137 seniors 2) I know this because I’m in yearbook, but 3) there were only 6 people on this trip — not counting adults.

It ended up costing more than it was worth, so in the end the 20 or something people who were interested in coming had dropped out and it boiled down to John, Princess, and Erika, who are my friends, as well as Karina and Brittany who are also friends but more like aquaintances. We were chaperoned by John’s mom and her friend Dianne. I was a bit disappoint (grammatical mistake intended), because right before my dad dropped me off, he told me that had he known it would only come to such a small group of people, he would have dropped me out and taken me somewhere cool all by myself. And as cool as a weekend stuck with

 1) Princess, my most HONEST best friend ever(the kind of honest that goes out of your way to point out your every. single. flaw. and. insecurity. and say “I’m just telling you this for your own good” when 1) that’s totally uncalled for, 2) thanks but I didn’t ask  and 3) F*** you),

 2) John who has no nickname and isn’t actually best friend status, but of my three most honest guy friends, he is the one who constantly reminds me how lame I am whenever the opportunity arises, and

 3) Erika who is not a b****, but just kind of annoying sometimes when in the company of 1 and 2.

… a weekend by myself, mooching off my father’s money instead of the money I was given, would have been a million times more fun. But I’m not here to rant on about why I hang out with people who constantly bring me down and somehow pull me back.

Needless to say, this was going to be a long weekend.

We left on a Friday with only a backpack. Well, Karina had actually brought a suitcase with her, but the rest of us had only a backpack. I’d sturggled the entire week before wondering whether or not I shoud bring my laptop, which I did end up bringing because I needed somewhere to upload my photos and charge my camera. Turns out everyone else did too. Of course Princess them can’t go a week without playing League of Legends, which I refuse to play and I will not be changing my mind anytime soon. John had already abandoned me in our protest against Minecraft, but I will not be moved.

The laptops were useless for LoL, it turned out, since there was no internet in the Hardy Barracks. There was barely anything in the Hardy Barracks. The name did not lie. It was a military facility surrounded by a fence and everything. Not very asthetically pleasing. The rooms were nice enough though; big living room with a soft couch and a tv, a large bathroom and a large bedroom with a bed and a tv. We were two to a room, so Erika and I were in one room together.

The first night, Erika, Princess and I went to eat dinner at T.G.I. Fridays. It started off bad, because I wanted to finish my book before we left, then I forgot my money, so we had to go back. I’m a fast reader, and I only had a few pages left of that book, which was John Green’sThe Fault in Our Stars. I’d brought it to last me the weekend, but as you could probably guess, I’d finished it that first day. It took a three hour plane ride, and then ten minutes once I was settled down in my room. I was mad that I had finished it, because IT WAS SUPPOSED TO LAST ME THE WEEKEND. I knew I should have brought that other book. And anyhoo, we hadn’t even gotten that far once I realized I forgot my money, but as soon as I said it, Princess let out a huge exasperated sigh, and I immediately felt like I was wasting his time, which is how I always feel when I’m talking to him. He has a way of saying “I’ve got far more important worries than your tiny little self could possibly grasp and your petty insecurities are amusing but nothing but blackmail for future reference” and I just feel like a burden and now I’m ranting, so I’ll get back on track.

We made it to T.G.I. Fridays and spent $70 for all three of us. I only spent $16 because I only ordered appetizers. I didn’t want to spend too much money, and plus I’m a really slow eater, so I didn’t want to hold them up or anything–I was still feeling sulky, basically. Over dinner we had a lay-all-the-cards-on-the-table-and-get-everything-out-of-your-system discussion. Erika started it, but somehow it ended with us yelling at her. Rightly so anyhoo, for bringing up such a terrible conversation that I didn’t want to have. I’ll never admit it, but it worked. It didn’t do anything to fix my dying friendships, but it probably made the weekend a LOT more bearable. We got back to the hotel by 10 and went to sleep.

And I’m going to continue this story in a new post so that it doesn’t get too long.

{May 30, 2012}   Read. Reading. Read.

Last week was the perfect example of how reading can be potentially dangerous– a concept that I have yet to grasp in my 17 years of reading.

I’m used to the running into things as a consequence of reading and walking — cars, walls, trees, people, stairs, etc., but I’ve never been prepared for what happened. Simply because it has never happened before.

It was a B day in school, which meant I had my second and last classes in the same room. Usually in Government, the class is loud but working, although the last few days we’d fallen to just watching episodes of West Wing and doing our own thing. This particular day, everyone had a thing they had to do that required they leave the classroom. I was left with maybe two others who were silently doing their own thing.

So I read.

I’m currently reading a John Green book, the story of that to be told in a later blog, once I finish them all.

Anyhoo, just so you know, I don’t really think there’s such thing as too much reading. There really isn’t. I’ve always read a lot, and I only ever got in trouble because I tried to read at the dinner table or during classes that had nothing to do with what I was reading.

So, I was into this book and the class was empty and somewhere in my head, I had switched to the last period of the day. Somewhere in my brain it was 1 o’clock instead of 10, and the day was almost over. So when the bell rang for lunch, I assumed it was the bell for second session of study hall(it’s split into two sessions, and my study class is usually fairly empty because everyone always goes somewhere else). The clock rang again at 10:50, which is the end of A lunch. But I only ever look at the minute hand because I have a general idea of the hour it is during class.

School coincidentially ends at 1:50.

I got my things together and packed them, and headed to the school grounds where everyone meets at the end of the day. It hadn;t really occured to me how empty the halls were. It didn’t hit me when there were no people, when there were no buses waiting to pick people up. The grounds were empty except for me and I still didn’t know why.

Then it hit me.

Or so I thought.

Obviously, I’d gotten the time wrong or something, and it must have been second session of study hall. Easy. I jsut headed back to my classroom to continue reading for another 40 minutes…

and found my class full of people. Including my friend I call Princess(that is a story I will not be telling, and you’ll just have to accept that. Maybe if I ever write a book, he’ll be a character and you can know why. But for now, I’m not at liberty to tell.). He just kind of stared at me as my mind went blank, brought back into reality and pulled from my book. As is turned out, I had completely missed lunch. It was now the third period of the day – spanish. I had read through government, and then through lunch, and ten minutes of spanish.

I was still getting my bearings together by the time I reached my class.

And that, dear anyone-who-reads, is the danger that I experienced of reading. The complete and utter loss of self when enjoying a book. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s one of the reasons I read. I’m just saying try to make sure you do it in a safe environment, and not if it risks you missing your lunch right before going to the class of a teacher who wouldn’t understand and let you go, even if you explained your situation. Missing lunch is not fun.

So yeah. Reading. It’s fun.

{May 30, 2012}   Countdown

So, there’s a week left of school and I’m out of gaia requests. At least, for the moment. I have this urge to scour DA and look for contests to pour my time into, but in reality I have far more pressing issues to attend to.

I know. What could be more important that art!? Especially if you’re attending an art school in a couple of months. But that, my dear watchers who bother to read this, is the issue. Emphasis on the IS.

Getting there. Colleges are all about money and paperwork. Everything is about paperwork. Paperwork I haven’t actually done yet.

Plus, there’s still school. I’m over with all the exams and senoritis has become terminal, but school must go on. At least for the next week. I still have finals to take, and I’m the only senior in my spanish class, so i’m the only one feeling the actual weight of tedious.

So my grades go down, and my room is a mess because I’m trying to organize what I’m supposed to bring with me, and I’m pretty much just reading John Green books because I found him on Youtube and I’m having this thing where I get obsessed with someone for a week, and read and or watch all of their work until I get bored and just fall to regular liking them.

And art. Art is art is art. I’ll get around to drawing stuff soon. I guess when I’m procrastinating on those million and a half things I’m supposed to be doing other than art.

One day all I will need to do is art. And I will be happy

{May 16, 2012}   Done with AP

Guys, I did it. I’m done with school.

Well, actually, I’m not. I still have about three weeks left untilthathappens. But for now, I’m done. Mentally, at least.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve taken my AP tests in order from easiest–or least hard–to hardest. Numbers are harder to BS that words, and facts are harder to BS than opinions, or facts that are left up to interpretation.

Today I took the test I had correctly predicted would be the most taxing of the three. AP Statistics. I couldn’t even tell you what was on the test if I wanted to because, frankly, I have no freaking clue. So, AP Collegeboard, I’m not breaking any laws. I’m not saying anything I’m not legally allowed to say.

I sat at the same table that I had the past few tests, but this time I sat on the opposite side, and I wasn’t across from Erika again. The second thing I noticed was the plastic jar of Red Vines. I was so excited. As a Starkid lover, I am a huge fan of Red Vines. I was shocked that Zoey hadn’t said anything about them in the ten seconds that I saw her leaving the library as I entered, but I suppose she was probably overwhelmed by the AP Lang test she’d juat taken and all that rhetorical analysis and stuff.

It’s almost funny the amount of distractions one can find in an empty room. The person I was sitting across(not Erika today either. She was behind me.), the way my hair parted on the wrong side, the people walking past the library, the expressions on everyone else’s faces and that one guy who’s sleeping because he finished all the problems already and we still have thirty minutes to go.

And then there comes a point in the test when you realize you know nothing more, and you couldn’t go on even if you wanted to. I could stare at that packet for as long as I had left, and no more words would have come to my head, so I just closed my packet and looked around the room, making the occasional eye contact with friends and counting down the minutes.

On behalf of my teacher, I won’t discourage you from taking AP Statistics. If not directly, anyhoo. I’m just saying, if youaregoing to take it, make sure you keep up, and think about what you’re getting yourself into. Unless you’re really good with math and stuff, and you just don’t want to take Calculus, then good luck. I will never think Statistics is an easy out again.

Personally, I only took AP Statistics so I could legitimately say, “Statistically speaking…”

{May 15, 2012}   AP Testing

I had my second of three AP Tests today, AP US Government and Politics.

Like before, i’m not at liberty to discuss any of the questions with you, but fortunately I have no desire to discuss them, so collegeboard need not worry.

I’d spent the night before studying with Chris, scowering Youtube for all the lessons we could find. Eventually, we came across this channed called MyCititzenU, with AP Gov talks and whatnots. “No fancy words, no fancy suits. Plain talk about issues you need to know. Just in time,” as they said after each video, which proved true, because the test was the today, and some of their videos actually did help me, luckily. Before the exam, my friend John and I went over court cases and amendments, wuizzing each other and stressing over what was to come.

When we first sat down, I looked around for Erika, whom I sat next to the test before, but remembered after a few minutes that she didn’t take AP Government, so I would have no one to share glances with and be bored by. The multiple choice was 60 questions in 45 minutes, which wasn’t as impossible as I thought it’s be, and I even had 5 minutes left, which I wasn’t going to spend going back over my answers because I didn’t actually know what the answers were for sure on ones I guessed at, and usually when I change my answers, they end up being wrong. Instead I doodled an eye on the last page. I started to draw Chris who was across the room, but I only go the outline of his head before they called time. That section was not actually the hardest…well, it was pretty difficult to me, but I recognized everything as something we had gond over, whether I remembered it or not. My friends and I did “not” consult each other on the questions during a ten minute break.

In which I shall use to remind the reader that I have not been allowed to talk about specific questions, and thus far I have not told you of a single one of the questions, therefore not breaking any rules.

I knew the FRQs would be hard. I was able to scribble something for almost every question, which is more than I usually do in class, but I don’t feel entirely confident in any of my answers. At least I said something.

I got myself checked out from school after that test was over so that I could study for my Stats exam tomorrow. Admittedly, I spent the first hour checking the regular internet things–facebook, email, tumblr–and now I’m taking a half hour break to blog about my weekend and things.

But my break is about over, so have a nice day you guys and wish me luck(although luck has nothing statistically to do with it). ;)

{May 15, 2012}   Mother’s Day

I spent most of Mother’s Day diving.

Not with my mother, though. She was working. I was with my father that morning, and with two students of his Advanced Open Water class that he was teaching. We were going on a boat dive off the Keramas, one of the Ryukyu islands of Japan.

We went on a boat calledDestinywith Destiny Charters, which is notorious for an old man with irking opinions. I thought he was cool though. He was pretty up there in age, I’d bet, but he was still diving strong, which I found immensely impressive.

Anyhoo, I had to wake up around 6 on a Saturday, which is always a big turn off for me for diving, because I haven’t been the biggest morning person for the last year or so. But I got up, my father and I met his two students, and we headed for the dock.

It was a bigger boat than I had expected. Not huge, but big. There was a bottom part with a bathroom, and some seats, and outside to put all our dive gear, a nice bow to sit on, and an upper level where the driver was located, which no one was allowed to go up to aside from the boat people, but my father somehow was allowed up there, and so I by association.

The boat held more than just us. I believe there were 14 or so of us, and one woman came along who didn’t dive because her leg was in a cast. We were essentially put into groups of two, with maybe about 7 or 8 groups, i’m not entirely sure. We stopped somewhere a bit off the island, where there were deep waters. My dad and I stuck together, and his two students followed us around, but the rest of the divers were off on their own. I had a camera with me in an underwater case, so I took pictures of him, his students, the reef, and even a few of me, because I’m cool like that. The water was pretty great, although my booties, or dive boots, were not agreeing with me. They were a bit big, and they didn’t really fit around my leg very well, so the right one kept unzipping, and probably only held to my foot because my fins were too tightly strapped. It made kicking arduous, and I got tired easily, but I kept up with the others well enough. Mostly because my father would occasionally pull me along by the hand, as I took pictures, and equalized, only kicking to keep balance, rather than to get somewhere.

When we got to the surface, I found that the surface was not as calm as below. I had to keep my mask and snorkel in, and force my way to the rope tied to the boat. And when I was on the ladder, I had the hardest time getting my fins off, because they were too tight, as I’d said before. It was the type of situation that frustrated me; trying to cling on to a ladder, and pull off my fins with one hand, as I’m smashed and pulled and tossed around by waves around me, knowing that there are other people waiting to get on the boat. Actually, it was only my dad and the old man, but it was still nervewracking. My dad helped me get my fins off, and I plopped into the boat for lunch.

Earlier, my dad and I had bought food from the seven day off base called Lawsons. I had a salmon onigiri and some chips. But the boat was also providing hot dogs, so I had one of those as well. I wasn’t really bothered by the salt water that splashed onto me and my food every few minutes. I couldn’t even taste it. Though when we were moving, it was a little difficult to eat my chips, because the wind would threaten to take them away. Which is did do a few times. Hope the fish like plain chips.

I don’t usually dive more than one dive because I tend to get headaches after dives. That last dive, we went down to 105 feet, where the air felt empty and the colors had almost all but gone. We only stayed there for about 7 minutes, with a total dive time of a bit more than 40 minutes. Time flies when you dive. Anyhoo, my head wasn’t feeling another dive, but I chilled up on the bow with my dad’s students for a while and chatted, and my head calmed down. I talked to one of his students about being growing up surrounded by the military versus living in one place your whole life, and the differences and stuff. I’m always jealous of people like him who have lived in one spot for their whole lives, and maybe have childhood friends and know everyone in their small little towns(because I like to imagine everyone who has lived in one place their whole lives lives in small little towns), but I love my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have loved moving to a new place every two or three years, making so many friends–even though I’ve lost contact with the majority of them–and living in so many different places. I haven’t got that house with all the memories, but I have got the world. And I’m proud of that.

But enough about that. I did end up doing the second dive, which was a drift dive. I didn’t like that dive as much because I couldn’t stay buyoant very well, and my fin was still bothering me. But I got a lot of good pictures, and this time the whole group stayed together. Also, I saw a big turtle. It was beautiful, and exciting. I love the life underwater, all the fishes and stuff.

On the way back to the dock, I sat up front with the two students again, but the wind was too loud to really talk, so I just enjoyed the motions of the boat, and the sun. I think I got a bit sunburnt, but it was gone the next day, so maybe not.

And that was my mother’s day morning. I didn’t do much that night. We just had Chinese for dinner, and wished my mom a happy mother’s day with cards and flowers.


{May 10, 2012}   AP Classes

With the choice to take an AP, or Advanced Placement, class in highschool, there is the ultimate consequence of the AP test. It is pretty much the entire course you took, with all the hardness, put into around an hour or so of multiple choice questions and a couple of hours of free response questions.

I took my exam for AP Literature today. Legally, I’m not allowed to tell you anything that went on the test, but I can tell you what went on during the test. We were set up in our school library, which was a bit of a disappointment because last year  all the AP exams took place in our base library about 20 minutes away in the education center where they offered college classes and had comfy computer chairs, versus the wooden ones we had to sit on. We sat two to a table on either end of the long end. I ended up across from my friend Erika, whom I spent most of the breaks and silences having staring contests and conversing in rudementary not-really-signing-anything sign language with.

I have been doing fairly well in English for the most part. I enjoy English, and it has always been neck and neck with art in my career goals. Plus I got a 4 on my AP Language exam last year, which isn’t really a good indicator, but I like to think it is. I feel like I did pretty well. The multiple choice was normal stuff, and if the tests I’d taken during the year that were like it are any indicator of how well I could have done on that, I probably missed a lot, because my second choices are usually right, but I did fairly well. I usually get about 80% right on multiple choice.

The writing assessments weren’t ALL that bad either. Like I said, I can’t legally share with you what the questions were or what I answered, but I think it’s understood what kind of questions go on the test. Analyzing text, of course. Which was not all that hard to do. My only struggle is staying on my train of thought. I’ll have an idea, and work with it, but by the end of the second paragraph, I won’t have a clue where I’m headed, and I just have to keep working with it. It’s no secret that one of the questions gives a list of about 40 books to work with. I went through that list, and crossed off the ones I hadn’t read.

I was left with three.

This cut down my pride as a bookworm quite a bit, but the bigger dilemma–at least for the moment– was that of the books I was left with, there was one I didn’t really remember, one I didn’t really read, and one I didn’t understand how it could have possibly went with the prompt. Against my better judgement, I went with the one I didn’t actually read because we had read it in class, so I remembered some things from group discussions and I got the gist of the book.

So, AP classes are a good thing, but they come with a price, so beware. Almost half of my school day, which isn’t entirely that bad except for the fact that it’s spent sitting around for hours taking a test.

And to reiterate, I haven’t said anything I’m not legally allowed to say. So don’t sue me. Or cancel my scores.

Thanks. ♥

{May 6, 2012}   Fundraising

The people behind the table are just as scared as the ones passing it.

I hate fundraising, and I hate fundraisers(as in the people). Today, I had to stand outside by a table for two hours asking for money for my senior class’ project graduation. I’ve done these things before, but I never get any better. I’m already kind of scared of people, now I have to talk to people I know 98% of the time are probably going to just walk right past me.

In the few times I’ve done these things, I have noticed the ways that one can avoid fundraisers:

the common and curteous “no” or “no thank you” – Most people will just say no if you ask. Some are kind of lame about it, but occasionally you get a ‘sorry’ thrown in there.

the fast walk – Keep your eyes straight, face calm, and stride quickly past them before they can say what they’re selling.

the look away - If fundraisers are only set on one side, one can get distracted conveniently by something on the opposite side that they are on.

the ignore – close of the fast walk, but sometimes they may even glance at you, and they don’t hurry by, so you have plenty of time to pitch your sale, but don’t expect a response

the headphones – Usually, we don’t want to bother people who aren’t paying attention, so having headphones in is basically another way to ignore fundraisers while avoiding even having to listen to them.

the too busy talking – People on phones or with a group of loud people can walk by just talking, and ignoring the fundraisers.

the promise – “When I come back” is the biggest response, but only holds true a fraction of the time. Most people who give you that might look for another way out

the excuse – “I don’t have any cash on me” is only true maybe 80% of the time. I know I never actually have cash on me because I’m broke, but other people, I think they have cash on them, they’re just too lazy to get it out or don’t want to support your cause, or just don’t want to be bothered by fundraisers. Most all of us don’t want to be bothered by fundraisers. Hey, we don’t want to bother you either. We just need the money.

That’s all I can think of right now. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many methods for the fundraisers to get people. Just be loud, talk to everyone regardless of their methods of ignoring, and stay optomistic. Personally, I hate being nice to them when they just ignore me and brush me off, but I’ve found that being nice and thanking people if they just walk past or whatever can be nice. Maybe guilt trip them or something. And having a good sales pitch is always good.

We can’t all have girl scout cookies.

{May 6, 2012}   What is your hobby?

So I thought i’d share a little something about myself today.

I like to make music videos.

In all reality, I’ve probably made a total of two music videos, but I have so many planned and I love the idea of making one. Well, the result. The few times I have made one, I’ve found myself entirely frustrated in the process, which I find a tad ironic because I love to do it, and I’m putting myself through such torture willingly. But when it comes out amazing, I just think it’s all worth it and I want to do it again.

I started with AMVs of Phoenix Wright and Avatar: The Last Air Bender. My sister, Zoey and I loved to put them together, comparing and contrasting, or just showing each other. They were a lot of fun and they usually matched. Then we started thinking we could do actual music videos.

The only thing we both lack–even her–are willing friends. It’s only a little bit difficult to make a music video with only two people…especially if both people want to be in the music video.

I think the first video I made was to Julian Smith’s ‘I’m Reading a Book’. I don’t do covers, I just use the actual song, which is one reason I’ve never put them on Youtube, because I still don’t think I know my way around getting copyrights or whatnots. The other reason is because I don’t actually have a Youtube, but that’s besides the point.

Zoey and I always hear songs, and think that they would be perfect music videos. I’ve probably got about twenty songs on the list, but we’ve made about three, and not even ones that we’d planned from the beginning. Sometimes we even shoot bits and pieces but not the whole thing, for random songs. I recently finished a song for one of my best friends Lisa, dancing to a Rhianna song. I think it came out great, and I can’t wait to show her. Maybe that will make her more willing to be in some.

I’m hoping that when I move to New York, i’ll make somecoolfriends, and they’ll be willing to be in some, if not write some with me or help with something. We’ll all be artists. I hope I don’t get too many camera shy ones.

But yeah. That’s just some random fact inspired by those questionaires over the internet that ask about things. I just figured I’d focus on one.

{April 26, 2012}   A budding comic

So my friend and I are starting a comic series called Overly Exaggerated. :D

We haven’t actually started the comics themselves, but we’re starting marketing ideas. We’ve got an email oecomics@yahoo.com

We’re also on tumblr at http://oecomics.tumblr.com/, and as of right now, I’ve only got a title picture up, and our first comic. But it’ll expand soon. I’ve already got plenty of ideas drawn out. It’s in the works and the beginning stages, but we’ll get around to it. So. . .if you could just start checking up on it, maybe eventually you’ll like what you see. I plan on releasing things twice a month, maybe. :)

Short blog today. Thanks bye~!

The night before, I’d had Danielle set an alarm on her DS, so that I could wake up. I decided around 12, that I’m a light enough sleeper, and I really wasn’t going to find anything better to do for the next five hours, so I went to sleep. I did wake up to her alarm clock, just as I thought I would.

I didn’t bring my camera this time.

It was a nice exercise, and I even saw another American –or, at least, not Korean — woman come up and excercise next to me. I didn’t talk to her though.

I decided to go to breakfast because I didn’t have any foods on me, and I wanted to get pictures with people. At the beginning, we got a small booklet with the schools and students in it, with a section in the back for signing, so I got my new friends Alyssa, Aira, and Nikiga to sign it, and I continued to eat my breakfast with, I believe, Yhuki, Danielle and Alexus. No more bread with butter, forgetting the knife, rice, bugogi, some salad, and a glass of water; the generic meal I ate three times a day.

Our spanish teacher deicided to allow us to go shopping that morning before we had to leave. We didn’t have to leave the hotel until 1, so around 10 we left for Lotte World. But we didn’t go to the amusement park, in Lotte World, there is also a Lotte Mart and a Lotte Department Store, and we went to those. I got grouped with the Chinese teacher, and two girls that I don’t really hang out with all that much. They’re friendly but mean people that I never really associate myself with, but I have the pleasure of being facebook friends with. I subtely ditched them when we had free time to look around the Mart. Everything was so expensive. I was able to buy some notebooks for my family, and some pens for me. Then we had lunch, and looked around some more. It was a department store, so of course everything was so expensive. I finished the last half our with one of the girls, circling the area for random korean guys to take pictures with. We got two pairs of guys, so technically four guys. It was a lot harder to take pictures with random people in a department store than in an amusment park. I wonder why? ;P

We left with barely any time to spare, hoping that the Spanish teacher wouldn’t get mad at our tardiness. If anything, it wasn’t my fault.

We boarded the bus. My friends and I sat in the way back, and for the entire bus ride, we played this game where we named things, and had to list them from one person to the next. It was a very hard memorization game, but lots of fun to say. The others would think of complex things to say, and I would say something so terribly simple that it would stump them everytime. We did bringing something to a picnic, buying something at a department store, meeting people at LinguaFest, and I think others. I won the department store round.

It went, “When I went to the department store, I bought CDs, an elmo cellphone strap, earrings, prada shoes, leopard-skin-snake-skin backpack, guchi rings that say BER, Girl’s Generation trading cards, glasses, jacket, Mindless Behavior Limited Edition CD, Justin Beiber Boyfriend Lifetime package, tiger striped framed sun glasses, necklace, tent, green-purple-black colored toy robot, then Mikaela got out, then some bling-bling, Converse, a bedroom set, a sombrero, Mikaela was still out(yes, we pointed this out whenever we passed her), A yellow sports car with two black stripes, a belt, some hawaiian tiki sticks, Danielle got out, Yhuki got out, and a blanket” and I won. :3

I can’t believe I remembererd all that. I think a good trick to playing that game is trying to associate your word with the word before it.Like start it with the same letter or something.

Surprisingly, we made it to the air port, and none of us had fallen asleep, at least in our group that was playing. Then we went through all the air port drama, had Jamba Juice for the last time. Our luggage couldn’t go directly to Okinawa, so when we got to Fukuoja, we had to go through the baggage claim, and check everything in again.

Then we were back in Okinawa. Two flights, lots of layover, and 12 hours of traveling. I got home at around 12:30, and had only Sunday to rest before going back to school. If I had any musical talent, I could have been flying or staying back in Korea for Far East choir or band, or just music….whatever it’s called this week.

And that was my week in Seoul, Korea. I’m going to miss it. :3

et cetera

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